Forging technology

Hot forming.
Heat treatment.
All in-house.

Forging technology at the highest level

Forging (hot forming) has a special tradition at Jungeblodt.

Founded 170 years ago as a coppersmith’s shop, we have steadily developed this technology and can now press an enormous range of dimensions (horizontal and vertical), in some cases with fully automatic upsetting machines.

Our forging machinery is complemented by an in-house and state-of-the-art heat treatment line.

The knowledge gained over the years is also reflected in Jungeblodt’s own tool making department, where we can erode or turn a wide variety of forms.

The combination of our own heat treatment, our own toolmaking and flexible testing facilities makes us a reliable supplier of forged parts – even for small and short-term requirements.

Manufacturing parameters:

Hot forming up to Ø60mm and 2000mm length

Heat treatment up to Ø300mm and length up to 900mm length