Test laboratory

Confirmed quality

Our own test laboratory ensures highest quality of our products.
Testing at Jungeblodt
  • hardness testing (Brinell and Rockwell)
  • tensile testing
  • hot tensile testing
  • tensile testing on whole screws
  • notched-bar impact testing at room temperature and cryogenic temperature
  • determination of lateral expansion and crystalline shear zone
  • angular tensile testing
  • head impact testing on screws
  • expansion testing
  • Prüfkraftversuche für Muttern in Anlehnung an DIN EN ISO 898-2 bis 5000 kn
  • Prüfkraftversuche für Schrauben in Anlehnung an DIN EN ISO 898-1 bis 5000 kn
  • Vorrecken von Schrauben bis 5000 kn zur Erreichung höherer und gleichmäßiger Streckgrenzen
  • Test load tests with wedge support for cap screws as proof of freedom from hydrogen embrittlement
Non-destructive testing
  • material identification testing
  • ultrasound testing
  • magnet powder testing
  • dye penetrant testing
  • visual inspection
  • dimensional inspection/initial sampling inspection
Tests in the external test laboratory
  • Hot tensile testing
  • creep testing
  • intercrystalline corrosion testing
  • structural analysis incl. sground and photograph macroetch
  • size grading incl. ground and photograph
    purity determination
  • sulphur print according to Baumann
  • product analysis
  • surface decarborisation testing
  • dynamic fatigue test
  • Friction value determination

more tests on request
Unser Prüfpersonal ist zertifiziert und ausgebildet:

  • Method VT, UT, MT, PT according ASNT-TC-1A Level, I, II and III
  • Method VT, UT, MT, PT according to DIN EN 9172 levels I, II and III


Successfully certified

Jungeblodt is certified by all relevant international societies.

This enables us to have your special screws independently certified on request.