SERVICE. Capitalized.

For you we make everything possible.
We focus on solutions – when supplying spare parts or supporting your projects.
We keep capacity free for you. When speed matters.

Spare parts

Flexible delivery

For your production reliability, we deliver spare parts all over the world within the shortest possible time, both according to drawing and sample. Thanks to our many years of experience, appropriate material stocking, flexible capacity planning and our competent supplier network, we are able to meet even almost impossible delivery deadlines – reliably and with the highest quality.

Contract manufacturing

Bundled competence

Our exceptional in-house expertise guarantees you the best quality from a single source for a wide range of applications. Only a few screw manufacturers have such a wide range of in-house production capabilities as Jungeblodt. Thus, we can offer you thread rolling (up to M210) as well as other contract work.

Project planning

Perfect planning

Depending on the scope of the project, we coordinate your desired quantities from in-house and third-party production on schedule. Because we have a wide network of suppliers in addition to our unparalleled in-house manufacturing capabilities. Especially in the area of large-scale projects such as plant construction or plant turnarounds, you benefit from our many years of experience from numerous completed projects.