Thread technology

Thread specialist.

Thread engineering with tradition.
We are able to manufacture a wide variety of thread types with uncompromising quality.
Rolling machines with a rolling force of up to 120 tons as well as an extensive tool store make us a well known thread specialist.

Range of services

Extract from our range of services

ISO thread types

  • ISO metric thread (M)
  • ISO metric fine thread (MF)

American thread types

  • Unified National Coarse Thread (UNC)
  • Unified National Fine Thread (UNF)
  • Unified National Special Thread (UNS)
  • National Taper Pipe (NPT)
  • National Taper Pipe Dryseal (NPTF)

British Whitworth thread

  • British Standard Whitworth Coarse (BSW/WW)

British Standard Fine (BSF)

  • British Standard Pipe (BSP/G)
  • British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT/R)