Machining Technology

Absolute precision trough modern technology

Our exceptional machining technology allows us to deliver precision-engineered specialty screws in both large and small lot sizes.
Our high-quality machinery is complemented by an in-house CAD/CAM department, which constantly develops our production processes.

Our functions for the CNC machining area:

CNC turning(up to Ø 400mm, length up to 3000mm)
CNC Long Turning(up to Ø 36.3mm, length up to 800mm)
standard turning(up to Ø 400mm, length up to 6000mm)
burnishing / roller compression(bis zu Ø 400mm, Länge bis zu 6000mm)
CNC milling(x = 600mm, y = 2000mm, z = 600mm)
centre grinding(up to Ø 260mm, length up to 1500mm)
CNC alignment(up to Ø 60mm, length up to 1500mm)
standard alignment(up to Ø 90mm, length up to 2500mm)
deep hole drilling(Ø 4 to Ø 60mm, length up to 2000mm)